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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

ERT007: Library of Congress with Jennifer Williams - A Love of Reading

On this episode of EduRoadTrip, we are meeting with Jen Williams at the Library of Congress to discuss the love of reading and literacy. Jen shared about her work with Calliope Global, and her mission of sharing her love of reading with students and adults alike. We also feature Erin Southam as our Travel Agent, and pull Autocrat out of our suitcase.

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Main Segment
We met with Jen Williams at the Library of Congress to discuss books, a love of reading, and connecting students globally. She explains her journey as an educator starting with the science of reading and moving into the artform of reading.

Travel Agent
Erin Southam is a librarian at Hilltop Middle School in Chula Vista, CA. She is very techy, and leads quite a few student clubs, including an incredible Harry Potter club that includes students divided into houses, and completing challenges for house points. She is innovative, and responsive to the changes in media in the 21st century. You can find Erin on twitter @ErinSoutham.

What’s In Our Suitcase
This week we feature Autocrat, a Google Add-On for Sheets, which allows for a mail-merge function, including populating a Google Doc with answers to a Google Form or Sheet. Autocrat also allows for users to email completed mail merges to separate email addresses. EduRoadTrip has used Autocrat to create a Mad Libs of our show, where you can take part in the show! Check it out here!


  1. Am loving listening to you guys! As I'm listening I'm cataloging the #Read4Fun books I just brought in for my students to read. I've got anything from AC/DC The Complete Biography to Uncle Johns Bathroom Reader! I don't care what they're reading I just want them to grow their love of reading! Keep up the awesome work friends!!

  2. Loved tuning in from the Kahoot! office in London and listening to Jen Williams discuss her passion for reading.
    This is an awesome initiative and I am thrilled to learn more about it through Twitter and the blog page. My favourite take away - Books are like 'mind movies' AWESOME. Thanks guys! I will look forward to the next edition.